Q. 1 Recently there was proposal to reintroduce an animal in India which became extinct in this country several decades ago. Which one of the following is the animal in question ?
A) Cheetah
B) Clouded leopard
C) Double-humped camel
D) Musk deer
Ans. A

Q.2 Consider the following rivers :
1) Sankosh
2) Amochu
3) Subarnarekha
4) Jia Bhorelli
Which of the above are the tributaries to Brahmaputra ?
A) 1,2,3
B) Only 1
C) 2,3,4
D) 1,2,4
Ans. D

Q. 3 Consider the following animals :
1) Jaguar
2) Salt water crocodile
3) Snow leopard
Which of the above is/are naturally found in India ?
A) 1 & 2
B) 2 & 3
C) 1,2,3
D) Only 3
Ans. B

Q.4 Consider the following animals :
1) Seals
2) Dolphins
3) Whales
Which of the above are mammals ?
A) 1 & 2
B) 2 & 3
C) 1 & 3
D) 1,2,3
Ans. D

Q.5 In which of the following region, countries Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan located ?
A) Central Asia
B) Middle East
C) North Africa
D) South Asia
Ans. A

Q.6 We often find the term “Goldilocks Zone” in news.It is mentioned in the context of :
A) Identification of earth-like planets in the universe
B) Use of wireless short distance communication
C) Minimum distance required between Earth & any artificial satellite revolving around it
D) None of the above
Ans. A

Q.7 In which of the following states famous ‘ Living Root Bridges “ found ?
A) Arunachal Pradesh
B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Kerala
D) Meghalaya
Ans. D

Q.8 Consider the following places:
1) Ratnagiri
2) Sundarbans
Which of the above places are known for the mangroves ?
A) Only 1
B) Only 2
C) Both are correct
D) Both are incorrect
Ans. C