Q.1 The term biomagnifications refers to a)Increase in the concentration of non-degradable pollutants as they pass through the food chain b)Increase in population size c)Growth of organisms due to food consumption d)Blowing up of environmental issues by man Ans. A Q.2 Consider the following flexible mechanisms in Kyoto Protocol: 1.Emission trading 2.Clean development mechanism 3.Joint implementation The project based mechanisms are A)1 only B)2 only C)1 & 2 D)2 & 3 Ans. D Q.3 Consider the statements 1.Kashmiri Pashmina got patent under Geographical Indiations(GI) Act 2.Under the Geographical Indication of goods patent, Kashmiri Pashmina shawl will have its own distinctive logo Select the correct answer A)1 only B)2 only C)Both D)None Ans. C Q.4 Consider the following 1.Rice fields 2.coal mining 3.Domestic animals 4.Wetlands Which of the following are the sources of methane, a major greenhouse gas? A)1 & 4 B)2 & 3 C)1,2 & 3 D)All of the above Ans. D Q.5 Fly ash is environmental pollutant produced by A)Thermal power plant B)Oil refinery C)Fertiliser plant D)Strip mining Ans. A Q.6 Greenhouse gas is enhanced in the environment by the gas A)CO2 B)CO C)Nitrogen D)NO2 Ans. B Q.7 The basic component of smog is A)O2 B)PAN C)Both D)None of these Ans. C Q.8 The toxic effect of CO is due to its greater affinity for haemoglobi as compared to oxygen by A)20 times B)1000 times C)2 times D)200 times Ans. A Q.9 Often in water bodies subjected to sewage pollution, fishes die due to A)Pathogens related to sewage B)reduction of dissolved O2 caused by microbial activity C)Clogging of their gills by solid substances D)Foul smell Ans. B Q.10 If large quantities of domestic sewage are continuously emptied into a small stream, it leads to : A)Alga bloom B)Increase in temperature C)Eutrophication D)Depletion of O2 content in stream water Ans. D Q.11 The excess discharge of fertilizers into water bodies result in A)Silt B)Death of hydrophytes C)Eutrophication D)Growth of fish Ans. C