Q.1 Which of the following is the feature of the Subsidiary alliance ? 1) Indian state has to keep a british resident in her capital 2) A subsidiary british army was to be maintained in the Indian state 3) Indian soldiers could be used by the company commanders 4) Determination of expenses incurred on the subsidiary British army was the duty of the Indian state Codes: A) 1,3,4 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,2,4 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. C A subsidiary alliance is an alliance between a dominant nation and a nation that it dominates. Q.2 Statements: 1) Brahmo samaj supported monotheism 2) Arya samaj contributed for the development of education 3) Swami Vivekanand founded Ram Krishna Mission 4) Brahmo Samaj, Ram Krishna Mission & Arya Samaj didn’t have a political mission but helped to develop a spirit of patriotism Codes: A) 1,3,4 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,2,3 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. D Q.3 Who among the following founded Theosophical society ? A) Madam Blavatsky & Annie Besant B) A.O. Hume & Annie Besant C) H.S. Alcott & Annie Besant D) Madam Blavatsky & H.S Alcott Ans. A Q.4 Statements: 1) Vernacular Press Act was repealed by the Lord Ripon in 1882 2) This act did not discriminate between the English press & the vernacular press Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Both are correct D) Both are incorrect Ans. C Q.5 Statements: 1) A general strike known as Girni kamgar union was for the dismissal of workers who had taken part in 1928 strikes 2) Keshav Chandra’s campaign against sati led to the enactment of a law to ban sati by the Governor General Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Both are correct D) Both are incorrect Ans. C Q.6 Which of the following was associated with the revolt of 1857 ? 1) Khan Bahadur 2) Nana Sahib 3) maharaja Ranjit Singh 4) Begum Hazart Mahal 5) Kumwar Singh 6) Nizam of Hyderabad Codes: A) 1,3,4,5,6 B) 2,3,4,5,6 C) 1,2,4,5,6 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. C Q.7 Who among the following was a moderate ? 1) Bipin Chandra Pal 2) Gopal Krishna Gokhale 3) Surendranath Banerjee 4) Feroj Shah Mehta Codes: A) 1,3,4 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,2,3 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. B Q.8 Statements: 1) Madam Bhikaji Cama unfurled the national flag at the International socialist Conference 2) Madam Cama served as a private secretary to Dada Bhai Naoroji 3) Madam Cama was born to parsi 4) Gopal Krishna Gokhale rejected the title of knight hood & refused to accept position in the council of Secretary of State for India Codes: A) 1 & 3 B) 3 & 4 C) 2 & 4 D) 1,3,4 Ans. B Q.9 Who among the following were the militant nationalists ? 1) Lala Lajpat Rai 2) Bipin chandra Pal 3) Bal Gangadhar Tilak 4) Gopal Krishna Gokhale Codes: A) 1,3,4 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,2,3 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. C Q.10 Statements: 1) Congress was split into two fractions as its Surat Session in 1907 2) Bal Gangadhar Tilak revived the festivals of Ganpati & Shivaji in Maharashtra to arouse a new spirit among the youth of a country 3) Aurobindo Ghosh was arrested in connection with the Alipore Bomb case Codes: A) 1 & 3 B) 2 & 3 C) 1 & 2 D) 1,2,3 Ans. D