IAS (Civil services examination)has three steps : 1.Preliminary (Objective type):- 2 papers – General studies & CSAT (CSAT paper -2 is qualifying paper & you must get 66 marks only out of 200 & Merit will be determined on the basis of marks obtained in General studies) 2. Mains (Essay type or conventional type): 9 papers (Indian language, English, Essay, G.S 1 , G.S. 2, G.S. 3 , G.S.4, Optional paper 1 & Optional paper 2) [ Indian language & English are qualifying papers & rest of the papers will be counted in merit ] 3. Interview JOB PLACEMENT AFTER CLEARING UPSC CIVIL SERVICES : It is civil services exam & ranking will be allotted to you on the basis of Percentile or marks secured in Mains & Interview. Prelims is of qualifying nature only. If you become IAS then you can become DM,Cabinet Secretary & you can be appointed at the top posts of the government departments like Election Commissioner, CBSE Chairman & sometimes Governor too if you have good political contacts. If you become IPS , then you could become SSp, commissioner, etc. etc. in Police department. If you become IFS (Foreign Service), you could become Foreign Secretary, Ambassador, High Commissioner If you become IFoS (Forest Service), you could become DFO (Divisional Forest Officer or District Forest Officer) & also at the top posts of other ministeries too . If you become IRS, you could become Commissioner of Income Tax. Note : ALL INDIA SERVICES ARE : IAS, IPS, IFoS HOW TO PREPARE FOR PRELIMS: • Just remember UPSC never asks question in General studies from 1 book • You should learn that there will be some repeated questions in Geography & History only, from their papers • 2-3 questions will be repeated from History portion • 3-4 questions will be repeated from Geography portion • These 7 questions they may ask from their conducted papers like- IAS (1980-2017), CAPF (2005-2016), APFC (2012,2016), CDS-1 & CDS-2, CMS, IES (YOU MAY LEAVE NDA PREVIOUS YEAR PAPERS) • After these 7 repeated question, you must prepare for new questions / topics • Now prepare important notes from NCERT BOOKS & OTHER REFERNCE BOOKS • History : NCERT Class 6th to 12th, NIOS, TAMIL NADU CLASS 11 & 12th • GEOGRAPHY : NCERT CLASS 6th to 12th, SHANKAR IAS ENVIRONMENT NOTES, MRUNAL GEOGRAPHY FOR MAP BASED QUESTIONS • ECONOMICS : For this you must prepare from current affairs sections. For ex. If there is mention about gold bonds, then you must make notes on Gold bonds from Internet. >If in news there is mentioned about Venture funds, then you must make notes. In these way you must read news in detail. • POLITICAL SCIENCE :NCERT 11 & 12th, Laxmikant • CURRENT AFFAIRS : you must prepare for atleast six years & you can prepare from GK Today.in or Jagran Josh >For ex: In 2017 prelims they have asked about Quality council, & it was in news in February 2011. >In this way many topics they have lifted from 2012, 2013 news > Some environment topics also they have lifted from News >So,Just write down topics & search from internet or Wikipedia • SCIENCE : For this you must read NCERT CLASS 7th TO 10th • PHYSICS : NCERT 11 & 12th • CHEMISTRY : NCERT Class 12TH (Chemistry in everyday life section is important) • BIOLOGY : NCERT Class 11 & 12th • Apart from all this, you must look at IAS previous year question’s options also >For ex. : In one question, they have asked question on lakes & then apart from correct answer just look at other 3 incorrect options also & then make notes on that topics also from INTERNET. • All the above sources of NCERT & REFERENCE BOOKS we have prepared in one file i.e. COMPILATIONS which you can buy from our website. • Is it mandatory to read NCERT BOOKS along with Standard books ? - It is mandatory to read NCERT BOOKS & Standard books too. For ex. In History UPSC asks 12 questions then you can expect 4-5 questions directly from NCERT BOOKS & rest of the 6-7 questions from other sources . And Wikipedia is the best source along with NEW NCERT BOOKS. • For practice You must look at our IAS PRELIMS-" DAILY MCQs COPYRIGHT " Section also http://www.upsconlineacademy.net/IAS-FRAMED-QUESTIONS.html HOW TO PREPARE FOR CSAT (PAPER-2) PRELIMS: • For this you must look at previous year papers of CAPF & Civil services. • Some Quantitative aptitude questions you will get from the previous year papers while some questions you can easily solve by applying same techniques • In permutation & Combination questions they will never ask repeated questions •For mental ability questions you can take help from Pratiyogita darpan Extra Issues • Logical reasoning questions you can easily solve, if you have practiced from previous year papers • You can also practice questions from our website in CSAT APTITUDE SECTION. HOW TO PREPARE FOR MAINS: • First of all you must prepare Notes for Mains from today only upto date of prelims examination • After conduction of prelims , you won’t have time for making notes & that time will only for learning/revision • From "INSIGHT MIND MAPS" you can prepare notes of Issues. • For General Studies portion, you must prepare from NCERT BOOKS & must practice questions given at the end of each chapter. • After then, you must prepare previous year questions from 2013 MAINS TO till now. If possible, then get Pratiyogita Darpan solved IAS MAINS papers 2013 to 2016 as they have written solutions very nicely. • Apart from that prepare current affairs questions from THE HINDU, LIVE MINT, YOJANA ISSUES, KURUKSHETRA ISSUES in 200 words HOW TO PREPARE FOR ESSAY: • Current issues topics will be helpful for Essay preparation • Just extra thing you must prepare is : Introduction, Quotations, Conclusion. • While selecting Essay topics in exam, don’t think to write on toughest topic considering that very few will write on this topic so I must choose this topic. • Before Introduction, you must give any good quotation • While ending essay , you must give good conclusion HOW TO PREPARE FOR OPTIONAL: • Just select that optional subject, which you have read upto graduation, because it will help you to prepare easily. • Never imitate others , in selecting optional • First complete the syllabus provided by UPSC for optional & after that look at previous year questions from 1978 to till now. HOW TO PREPARE FOR INTERVIEW: For this you must look at our Interview section & IAS TOPPER INTERVIEWS.

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