Dr. Narayana Bharat Gupta (AIR 17) INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: Panel chairman: Nirbhay Sharma Four other members were m1, m2, m3, m4 Entering into the room after all the wishing and seating... NS: okay Narayana Bharath Gupta... so you are a first division candidate. And you completed your MBBS from Kurnool Medical College. How was your entry into this college? Did you pay money or get selected through a common entrance test? It’s through a common entrance test sir. How much did you have to pay? Only ten thousand per annum sir. So you have kept your hobbies as cooking Andhra and Karnataka food. What food do you cook? Something special? Pesarattu and bisibelebath. Sounds interesting… I never heard of such things over here. Why don’t you start an eatery in Delhi? Sorry sir. But here there is a lot of competition and it’s difficult to overcome that sir. Are you afraid of competition? It’s not like that sir. It’s more a hobby rather than a profession. What did you do after finishing your Degree? Sir got my degree in February only sir. I had no time after that sir. Ok being a doctor and having a good prospect of joining a post graduate seat and earning cool money. Why did you join this field? Can you explain and convince me? I fumble a little. I ask permission to drink water. They console me tell me to drink water. Joke a little. After completing my final year I was left with three choices sir. 1. To join post graduate course and start a clinic of my own in an urban area and services limited to a particular section of people. 2. Be satisfied with my MBBS and join a PHC where there are no facilities. No gloves, no syringes, no medicines. 3. To join civil services. My answer is interrupted in the middle without completing. What changes have taken place in the district administration and tell them briefly. Panchayati raj system in India has been implemented after the 73 and 74 amendment act sir. It facilitates a three tier administration in the district level. Gram sabha, panchayat samiti and the zilla parishad. What do you mean by gram sabha? It’s a term used for all the legible voters in the village. What are their functions? They elect the members of the panchayati and the sarpanch. How is the sarpanch elected? He is either directly elected or nominated from amongst the members themselves. M1: How can there be two systems? Only one should be there... Me: Sorry sir. I mistook, the sarpanch is directly elected by the people. What about the next level? Panchayat samiti is the next level sir. It covers for approximately 15-20 villages. What about the next one? Zilla parishad sir. Who is the head? Zilla parishad chairman sir, he is an elected member sir. How is administration carried out? The district collector is head of the executive part of the ZP. How is the functioning done? The executive prepares the plan. Submits it to the ZP and then does the work sir. Tell me about the distribution of funds from the district level to the grass root levels? Sorry sir. I am not aware of it. Tell me about the women reservation in panchayati raj. There is one third reservation for women in the system sir, which has been recently increased to fifty percent. What about SC and ST? There is representation in proportion to the population for the SC and ST Sir. Tell me about the total reservation. Approximately 20 percent for SC and ST combined and female reservation is reservation within reservation. Don’t you play any games? Sorry sir. I don’t. But I used to play kabaddi. Don’t you think they are necessary? But in view of the current intermediate education....< answer is interrupted> Member 2 takes over! So you like cooking... your old CM NTR told that he loved Ulava charu. Can you tell me how to cook it? I tell a little about it. He asks... How much time does it take to cook...? Approximately half an hour sir. I think it takes 7-8 hrs. May be sir. Now days all the instant items are available sir. They may do within a short span of time. Small laugh Can you name one chief minister who rose from the level of an industrial worker? Madhu koda. From Andhra Pradesh? No idea sir. It’s Anjaiah. Have you heard of him? Yes sir. What’s your opinion about your Indian budget this year...? It’s a very good budget sir. In the current view of global recession and keeping the inflation under control all the measures have been taken. More... The social sector spending has been doubled sir. What’s the current social sector spending? 9 percent sir. No I think your number is far from the real one.... Sorry sir, I have no idea then. What is India GDP? 1.4 trillion dollars sir. How much does one trillion dollar mean? Approximately fifty lakh crores sir. What’s the share of India in the foreign trade? 1.5 percent sir. Yes you are little near. But it does not matter. Have you heard about European Union? Tell me about it. It’s a union of 27 countries. They form a custom union and offer free movement of people across the boundaries. Are you talking about schengen visa? Yes sir. But UK does not come under it. Yes sir. But most of the countries come under it sir. What about Euro? It’s a common currency for most of the EU countries. It’s touted to emerge as a competitor for the dollar sir. Approximately 40 percent of the world trade is carried out in the Euro sir. What is the duration of 11th five year plan? Up to 2012 sir. Do you know the allocation for various sectors? No sir... Now member 2 takes over: Dr. Bharath Gupta. Is it possible for someone to have a title doctor even without completing MBBS? Yes sir. Anyone who has completed PhD can have a doctorate sir. Even they may be conferred honorary. someone told me a small difference between the MBBS doctor and the other one sir. MBBS one is Dr. While the PhD one is DR. All of them laugh... no no... Nothing is like that. Dr. NTR is given... Was he a doctor? No sir. He was conferred honorary doctorate by the Andhra University sir. Are doctorates recognised? Yes sir. I think no. Then I don’t know correctly sir. Suppose a patient comes to the emergency room with chest pain and your junior doctor suspects it as cardiac pains even though its gastric pain. What will you do? I tell all the treatment strategy of angina and MI. Suppose your junior has done the mistake of diagnosing the Gastric problem as MI. What will you do? He has done no mistake to condemn sir. Its basic dictum that anyone with severe symptoms of chest pain has to be looked for the anginal pain and the other entire possibilities next sir. Suppose he has done another mistake? I will train him sir. And if it’s a grave mistake putting danger to the lives of another. I will take the matter to the higher ups and see that he is reprimanded for the same. Is there any Supreme Court ruling in this regard? Yes sir. Francis D Souza from Nunavut hospital case regarding this. NTR from your state. He does not act very well. Why you think was much hit? Sir he has a charisma and required charm sir. Whenever he donned the role of Lord Krishna or Rama people took him to be a god sir. Hence he was a very big hit sir. Had Rajanikanth been similarly hit in your state? No sir. I say food is culture specific... what do you say... I give him explanation regarding the culture, cuisine, and local availability and give sufficient examples. Do you say cuisine and climate are related? Yes sir. Indirectly they may be related due to the food production affected by the climate. And secondly people living in different climates may be having different food needs. Why do Andhra people consume more curds rather than west Bengal? Do you give any explanation? May there is lot of buffaloes in Andhra. Other than that I can’t find any relation sir. Are 73rd and 74th amendment act same? No sir they are different. One related to the panchayat and the other to the municipality. What is the one distinct feature of municipality plan? He gives me a clue regarding the planning. I tell DPC. He then positively corrects my mistake. Member 3: What do you know about green revolution? I explain him. What are the components of green revolution? Tell me other types of revolutions. Which decade was this implemented? I answer all of them. Name the scientist connected with this revolution from India. Swami Nathan. Where is he now? He is currently in Tamil Nadu. Having his own research institute and developed a salt resistant variety of rice sir. Do you know about north India? Yes sir. Capital of Jammu and Kashmir, capital of Punjab, capital of Haryana, status of Chandigarh? All answered. Why is it called Punjab? Because five rivers flow sir. What are they? I tell all of them. Does Jhelum flow through Punjab? I think yes sir. No. Sorry sir. Suppose you become health secretary and what will you do break the nexus between the doctor’s pharmaceutical companies? I tell about the unethical act of doctors and tell them that the onus of administering the medicine resets on the pharmacy graduate holders and the dispensaries. Member 4 takes over. To tell about him. He is an old person whose language is barely understandable. Tell me about bare foot doctors. I tell about the history. Its value to the china health system. Is it relevant in India? I tell about the rural MBBS and its use. Few stats also quoted. Tell me about CBI. I tell him. Can CBI intervene without state government permission? Yes if there is significant central government interest in it. Are you aware of the recent Supreme Court amendment regarding that? No sir. Tell me about Muhammad bin Tuglaq. I tell about him as a ruler of misdirected energies. His miscalculated numismatic experiment and the transfer of capital from Delhi to Devagiri fired back very badly. Tell me about the dowry system and methods needed in this direction. I told about the relevant law. Further said that women empowerment, awareness generation, education are required to bring the number of cases under it. Finally... All are good and doing great.