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Q.2 “ President is a symbol of India” oneness rather than an effective head of the state.” In the light of this statement , discuss the position & powers of the President of India. (200 WORDS)

Following Points must be mentioned in your answer : Powers of President: 1. Executive powers • Right to seek information • Power of patronage • Administration of union territories 2. Diplomatic powers 3. Financial powers • Appointment of finance commission 4. Legislative powers • Power regarding ordinances 5.Judicial powers 6. Emergency powers 7. Military powers 8. Miscellaneous powers Position of President : • Article 53 : Executive power of the union shall be vested in the President • 42nd Amendment : Made it specify that President is bound by the advice • 44TH Constitution amendment Provided that President can once return a bill sent to him for approval for reconsideration of council of ministers & Parliament . • Article 74 (1) : There shall be a council of ministers with the Prime minister at the head , to aid & advise the president in the exercise of his functions. IASMAINSSTUDYMATERIAL



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