* At Prelims level, you need to have knowledge of different subjects. At Mains level, your answer writing ability and viewpoint on various topics are tested. In interview round what matters is how you present yourself. Overall smart study with patience and positive attitude was required and that was what I did. * My subject at mains was Zoology. During my preparation, I studied 3-4 hours a day. I had a strategy to divide my day into 3 different slots. In one of the schedules, I kept on learning various subjects like GS, geography, history, politics. In other schedule, I kept on revision. The third slot was for question practice. * There were about 23 questions of passages and 25 questions of reasoning. There were also some mathematical aptitude questions. I was comfortable because I had practiced a lot. INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE : The first question asked was – tell us about the industries of Jharkhand. Other questions were – as an administrator how will you address the Naxal issues, how will you engage the youth in the developmental work, what are the components of a good governance, who is your political role model, who is your administrative role model, as an administrator how will you address the issue of gender bias. I did not find any question tough.