Q.1 Which of the following are the characteristics of decision makers: 1) Initiative 2) Analytical attitude 3) Knowledge 4) Selectivity 5) Flexibility 6) Mental ability 7) Self Justification Codes: A) 1,2,3,5,6 B) 1,3,4,5,6,7 C) 1,2,4,5 D) All of the above Ans. D Q.2 Which of the following are important in problem solving ? 1) Formulating hypothesis 2) Recognising problem situation 3) Describing what is expected 4) Collecting data Codes: A) 1,2,3 B) 2,3,4 C) 1,2,4 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. C Q.3 Statements: 1) Interpersonal roles relates to the person’s behavior that focuses on the interpersonal contact 2) Such roles are derived from the authority & status Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Both are correct D) Both are incorrect Ans. C Q.4 Which of the following are the Interpersonal role ? 1) Leader 2) Liaison 3) Boss 4) Figurehead Codes: A) 1,2,4 B) 1,3,4 C) 2,3,4 D) 1,2,3,4 Ans. A Q.5 Which of the following is a receiver’s weakness type of barrier to the communication ? 1) time 2) Jargon 3) Prejudice 4) Ambiguity Codes: A) 1,2,3 B) 1,3,4 C) Only 3 D) only 1 & 2 Ans. C Q.6 Statements: 1) In Conflict resolution smoothing defines the emphasizing areas of an agreement & deemphasizing areas of difference over the conflictual issues 2) Neglecting interest of both the parties by postponing a decision is the avoiding style of the Conflict resolution Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Both are correct D) Both are incorrect Ans. C Q.7 Which of the following communication cuts across the function & levels in an organization ? A) Horizontal Communication B) Upward Communication C) Downward Communication D) Diagonal Communication Ans. D