Q.1 When individuals feel that their behavior is restricted they respond in a : A) Psychological defence B) Psychological Vigilance C) Psychological Reactance D) Psychological Persistence Ans. C Q.2 which of the following Interpersonal skills is helpful in maintaining close friendship with some one ? A) Need for power B) Being happy in a party C) Volunteering help in time of need D) Borrowing things Ans. C Q.3 Any variability in the message received which could not have been predicted at the source is attributed to : A) Blockade B) Irrational thinking C) Misunderstanding D) Noise Ans. D Q.4 Disclosure of personal or Non-personal information in superior –subordinate relationship is called: A) Openness B) Sharing C) Informality D) Closeness Ans. A Q.5 Which of the following is the Circumstantial Barrier ? A) Haste B) Noise C) Vocabulary D) Distance Ans. A Noise---Situational barrier Vocabulary----language barrier Distance---Structural barrier Q.6 Self confidence,Self motivation & Subjective experience are the features of the : A) Rational decision making B) Administrative decision making C) Bounded decision making D) Intuitive decision making Ans. D Q.7 Which of the following is the correct sequence of Communication ? A) Sender – Message—Receiver B) Receiver—Sender—Message C) Message—Receiver—Sender D) Message—Sender—Receiver Ans. A