Q.1 As a spoilt child what you will do ? A) You followed your own course everywhere B) You used to quarrel with others C) You were too reserved to mix with others D) you hated others & refused to play with them Ans. A Q.2 “Contempt” is an unhealthy tendency because it: A) is an enemy of prejudice B) is a desirable quality of successful leader C) signifies your pleasure in the misfortune of others D) shows your intolerance for the prosperity of others Ans. D Q.3 Which of the following basic behaviours hinders effective interpersonal relations ? 1) Aggressive 2) Assertive 3) Passive Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Only 3 D) 1 & 2 Ans. D Q.4 which of the following are the examples of the personal mission ? 1) I want to go through life with a smile on my face & a twinkle in my eye 2) I want to achieve a position of respect & knowledge & use that position to help others 3) I want to build healthy & loving relationships with my family 4) I want to get my MBA Codes: A) 1,3,4 B) 1,2,3 C) Only 4 D) All are correct Ans. B Q.5 Which of the following correctly denotes to the relator ? 1) A person who supports & actively listens to others 2) A person who is slow at making decisions & taking action Codes: A) Only 1 B) Only 2 C) Both are correct D) Both are incorrect Ans. C Q.6 Each interpersonal need has the subdimensions of : 1) Expressed desire 2) Direct desire 3) Wanted desire Codes: A) 2 & 3 B) 1 & 3 C) 1 & 2 D) All are correct Ans. B Q.7 When implementing strategies,it is important to establish : A) Goals & Mission statements B) Plans & Priorities C) Time lines & check points D) Visions & Values Ans. C