Q.1 You share a cabin with rahul , who has the habit of chatting loudly with other co-workers during office hours. It disturbs you a lot & due to this, sometimes you are not able to finish your work. Despite your repeated requests, his habbit seems to be getting worse. What would you do to tackle the situation? A) Fight with your co-worker Rahul B) Suffer in silence C) Talk about Rahul behind his back & warn other co-workers not to get involve in talk, otherwise you would complain to the boss D) Having a frank discussion with Rahul about what is bothering you & if he does not pay any attention, then complain about it to your boss Ans. D Q.2 You are working as a manager in a govt. organization. Your nearest boss does not seem to like you. How would you handle such a situation? A) File a written complain about your boss to his senior B) Speak to your boss in private and try to understand and resolve the issue C) Keep on doing your work as you cannot do much in such a situation D) Speak bad about your boss behind his back as he is also bad mouthing you Ans. B Q.3 You led a team, which has recently completed a very important task, assigned by the govt. A felicitation programme was organized by the Mayor of your city.In the programme, he was showering accolade on you and was mentioning about your team. What would do? A) Thanked him & then said that you did not work alone & it was a team effort B) Took the praise & then told your team that you did not know how to explain in front of the Mayor that the work was the team effort C) Accept the accolade & try to steal the spotlight D) Keep mum & do nothing Ans. A Q.4 You are working as a sales Manager in Indian railways. Your senior is trying to make you understand some difficult but important project. You are not to able understand some parts of it. What would be your reaction? A) Listen silently without any reaction B) Remain aloof from all the discussion C) Try to excuse yourself and ask your senior to explain it to you again D) Make others feel that you have understood everything Ans. C Q.5 You are working with Delhi police. A task has been assigned to one of your co-workers, but you believe that you can do it in a better way because of your knowledge & prior experience in that case. What would you do? A) Inform your senior to assign this task to you, explaining him that you can better deal with the case B) Work with your co-worker in parallel & submit to your senior for his approval C) Show your feelings to your co-worker in achieving the task with cooperation D) Concentrate on your work Ans. C