Q.1 You are returning home from school. On the way you find a sealed envelope in a street, fully addressed with unsealed stamps on it. You would A)Leave it there as it was & walk away B)Remove the stamps & destroy the envelop C)Open the envelope, find out who has dropped it by mistake & send it to him if possible D)Post it at the nearest letter box Ans. D Q.2 You are general manager of a company. The company wants to bring in more efficiency & increase the production without sacking any employee. What would you do? A)Announce bonus money yearly B)Increase the working hours of workers with reduced holidays C)Create conductive atmosphere in the company, so that workers feel at ease & facilitate them in working effectively D)Announce to give certain percentage share in increased profit of the company Ans. C Q.3 While introducing a new policy in your department in front of the board, you met resistance with some of your subordinates & workers. How would you handle the situation? A)Mandate them to follow the policy B)Try to convince them by making them understand the benefits of policy & addressing their queries & concerns C)Just do your work by introducing the policy, leaving rest on them D)Taunt them for being so dim that they are unable to understand such simple stuff Ans. B Q.4 You are the leader of a group of workers who have reposed faith in you to present their demands to the management. One day, you listen to some criticisms or negative feedback about yourself from your workers. How would you respond? A)Get angry & defensive B)Listen carefully & feel disappointed C)Listen carefully & consider what could you change & hence try to improve D)Rebuke your workers for talking against you Ans. C Q.5 You are the superintendent of Police of an area. You are alone going for an urgent inspection. At the time of travelling, you come across a person who is grievously injured. You will: A)Leave him & proceed to your destination as the work is urgent B)Carry the injured person to the hospital C)Hire a cab & send him to the hospital then you will proceed towards your destination D)Order one of your subordinate to come & take the person to the hospital Ans. C