PASSAGE : A country under foreign domination seeks escape from the present in dreams of a vanished age, and finds consolation in visions of past greatness. That is a foolish and dangerous pastime in which many of us indulge. An equally questionable practice for us in India is to imagine that we are still spiritually great though we have come down, in the world in other respects. Spiritual or any other greatness cannot be founded on lack of freedom and opportunity, or on starvation and misery. Many western writers have encouraged that notion that Indians are other-worldly. I suppose the poor and unfortunate in every country become to some extent other-worldly, unless they become revolutionaries, for this world is evidently not meant for them. So also subject peoples. As a man grows to maturity he is not entirely engrossed in, or satisfied with, the external objective world. He seeks also some inner meaning, some psychological and physical satisfactions. So also with peoples and civilizations as they mature and grow adult. Every civilization and every people exhibit these parallel streams of an external life and an internal life. Where they meet or keep close to each other, there is an equilibrium and stability. When they diverge conflict arises and the crises that torture the mind and spirit.

Q1. The passage mentions that “this world is evidently not meant for them”. It refers to people who
1. seek freedom from foreign domination.
2. live in starvation and misery.
3. become revolutionaries .
Which of the statements given above is/are correct ?
(a) 1 and 2
(b) 2 only
(c) 2 and 3
(d) 3 only

Q2 Consider the following assumptions :
1.A country under foreign domination cannot indulge in spiritual pursuit.
2.Poverty is an impediment in the spiritual pursuit.
3.Subject peoples may become other-worldly.
With reference to the passage, which of the above assumptions is/are valid ?
a.1 and 2
b.2 only
c.2 and 3
d.3 only

Q3. The passage thematically centres on
a.The state of mind of oppressed people
b.Starvation and misery
c.The growth of civilization
d.Body, mind and spirit of people in general

Q4. According to the passage, the torture of the mind and spirit is caused the impact of foreign domination. the desire to escape from foreign domination and find consolation III visions of past greatness.
c.due to lack of equilibrium between an external life and an internal life.
d.due to one’s inability to be either revolutionary or other-worldly.