1. Q. 36 (MOCK-1)

Which among the following is/are the non-plan expenditure of the govt. of India ?
1) Defence expenditure
2) Subsidies
3) Interest payments
4) All expenditures linked with previous plan periods
A) 1,3,4
B) 1,2,4
C) 1,2,3
D) 1,2,3,4
Ans. D


Which of the following increases the amount of carbon dioxide in carbon cycle on earth ?
1) Respiration
2) Photosynthesis
3) Decay of organic matter
4) Volcanic action
A) 1,3,4
B) 2,3,4
C) 1,2,3
D) 1,2,3,4


Q.64 (MOCK-9)

Consider the statements regarding Agni-IV:
1) It is a surface to surface missile
2) It was the third successful flight in a row of the missile
3) It can deliver one tone nuclear warheads about 4000km away


Q.80 (MOCK-13)

Which of the following is correct regarding the Directive Principles of State Policy ?
1) To promote the International peace & security
2) To maintain just & honourable relation between the nations
3) To encourage the settlement of International disputes by arbitration
A) 1 & 3
B) 2 & 3
C) 1 & 2
D) 1,2,3


Q.67 (MOCK-14)

1) Parliament has the power to increase the number of judges in the supreme Court.
2) Acting chief Justice of supreme court is appointed by the Prime Minister
A) Only 1
B) Only 2
C) Both are correct
D) Both are incorrect


Q.141 (MOCK-19)

Service tax is a :
A) Indirect tax levied by the Central Government
B) Direct tax levied by the Central Government
C) Direct tax levied by the State Government
D) Indirect tax levied by the State Government


Q.46 (MOCK-13)

In context with the no-confidence motion, which among the following statements are correct ?
1) It can be introduced in Lok Sabha only
2) A period of 6 months must lapse between the introduction of one No-Confidence motion & another
3) At least 100 persons must support such a motion before it is introduced in the house
4) There is no mention of no-confidence motion in the Constitution


Q.28 (MOCK-9)

Which among the following are the objectives of the business correspondents ?
1) To sell pension products
2) To sell mutual fund products
3) To aid financial inclusion
A) 1 & 3
B) 2 & 3
C) 1 & 2
D) 1,2,3
Ans. D
After going through question with explanation you may easily get the answer.


Q.46 (MOCK-17)

In context with the SLR, consider the following statements:
1) SLR is maintained by the banks itself
2) SLR restricts banks leverage in pumping more money into the economy
3) To meet SLR Commercial banks can use cash only


Q.98 (MOCK-3)

Just read the explanation given in question:

“What is SLR ? : SLR stands for Statutory Liquidity Ratio. This term is used by bankers and indicates the minimum percentage of deposits that the bank has to maintain in form of gold, cash or other approved securities. Thus, we can say that it is ratio of cash and some other approved securities to liabilities (deposits) It regulates the credit growth in India.”


Q.67 (MOCK-4)

Just look at the explanation given in question :

“Lichens are the organism that is formed by the symbiotic association of a fungus and an alga or cyanobacterium and occurs as crusty patches or bushy growths on tree trunks, bare ground, etc. Lichens are now classified as a phylum of fungi.”

With this explanation you can easily get the answer.


Q.20 (MOCK-2)

Q.Which of the following does not belong to Biosphere Reserves ?

Just see in explanation of this question

“Biosphere Reserves, as places that seek to reconcile conservation of biological and cultural diversity and economic and social development through partnerships between people and nature
12. Q.70 (MOCK-13)

1) President may by writing under his hand addressed to the Vice President resign his office
2) Executive power of the Union is vested in the President


Q.37 Which of the following constitutes the world bank ?
1) International Bank for reconstruction & development
2) International Monetary fund
3) international Finance Corporation
4) International Development Association
A) 1,2,3
B) 1,2,4
C 1,3,4
D) All are correct
Ans. B

In original paper just see the options & you will find only IMF is present in mock paper’s options, so you may get the answer.



In context with the Sattriya which is the Indian dance tradition, consider the statements:

1) Sattriya Nritya is an accompaniment to the Ankia Naat (a form of Assamese one-act plays)
2) It is usually performed in the sattras


Q.3 (MOCK-14)

In context with the venture Capital Fund, which among the following are correct ?
1) It earns money by owning equity in the companies
2) It is considered as a risk free
3) It is Private equity
A) 1 & 3
B) 2 & 3
C) 1 & 2
D) 1,2,3

In this question also after looking at explanation..you will get your answer


Q.72 (MOCK-14)

Which of the following are the financial committees of the Parliament in India?
1) Public Account Committee
2) Estimates Committee
3) Committee on public undertakings
A) Only 1
B) 1,2,3
C) 1 & 3
D) 1 & 2

After looking at EXPLANATION you will get your answer.
This question is very simple..after going through all the modules..you may get the answer.

For example if someone asks you “ from which field Mr. Narendra Modi belongs to ?” 


Q.133 (MOCK-19) Statements:
1) Balance of Payments represents better picture of a country’s economic transactions than the Balance of Trade

2) Balance of Payments takes into account exchange of both visible & invisible items whereas Balance of trade does not


Q.40 (MOCK-10)

1) National calendar based on the saka era with Chaitra as its first month
2) Dates of the national calendar have a permanent correspondence with dates of the Gregorian calendar
A) Only 1
B) Only 2
C) Both are correct
D) Both are incorrect


Q.20 (mock-1)

Compare the differences between Respiration & Photosynthesis :
1) Photosynthesis is an Exothermic Process while Respiration is a Reduction process.
2) Carbon dioxide is the product in Respiration while it is the substrate in Photosynthesis.
3) Both Respiration & Photosynthesis requires Cytochromes & Glucose.
A) 1 & 3
B) 2 & 3
C) Only 2
D) Only 3
Ans. C

In potential energy heat is released ?
In option 1 of mock series it is simply denoting that It is not an exothermic process that means heat is not released.So Ans in IAS exam is B.


Q.39 (MOCK-5)

1) Glacial Ice is used for the measurement of the Oxygen isotope for determining climate change
2) Relief rainfall only occurs in a summer



Q. 50 (MOCK-4)

Students were admitted to a Nursery Class. Some students can speak only Hindi. Ten students can speak both Hindi & English. If the no. of students who can speak English is 21, then how many students can speak Hindi & how many can speak only English?


Q.20 (MOCK-5)

Six books A,B,C,D,E & F are placed side by side. B,C & E have blue colour & the other books have red cover. Only D & F are new books & the rest are old. A,C & D are the law reports & others are gazetters. What book is a new law report with a red colour ?


Q.22 (MOCK-6)

If Monday falls on the first of October. Which day will fall after three days of 20th in that month ?


Q.31 (MOCK-2)

A, B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench. A is sitting next to B, C is sitting next to D, D is not sitting with E who is on the left end of the bench. C is on the second position from the right. A is to the right of B and E. A and C are sitting together. In which position A is sitting ?


Q.15 (MOCK-8)

A man sold two houses for Rs. 800000 on one he gains 20 % while on the other he losses 20%. How much does he gain or loss in the whole transaction ?


Directions for Q.31 to Q.34(MOCK-1)

Q.P,Q,R,S,T & U are the members of a family. There are two married couples. Q is an engineer & the father of T. U is the Grandfather of R & is a lawyer. S is the Grandmother of T & is a housewife. There is one engineer, one lawyer, one teacher , one housewife & two students in the family.


Q.49 (MOCK-7)
When a person covers a distance between his house & office at 50km/hr he is late by 20 min. but when he travels at 60km/hr he reaches 10min. early. What is the distance between his house & office ?


Q.28 (MOCK-12)
A person has to travel from A to B,& he knows PQ road is the joining road. How many ways are possible ?
Q.74 (MOCK-7)
Ranjit likes to take a different route to work each day. He always walks along side part of the park & only ever travels south or east.
In the diagram lines represent streets in this area.
How many different routes are there by which Ranjit can walk from home to the Work ?


Q.4 (mock-8)


A Training college has to conduct a refresher course for teachers of subjects: Education, Philosophy, Psychology,Sociology,Economics, Science & Engineering from 22nd July to 29th July:

1) Course should start with Psychology & there should be a gap of 2 days between Psychology & Sociology
2) 23rd July being Sunday ,should be holiday
3) Science should be on the previous day of Engineering
4) Course should end with Education
5) Philosophy should be immediately after the holiday
6) There should be a gap of one day between Economics & Engineering


Q.175 (MOCK-12)

Five bells begin to toll together and toll respectively at intervals of 6, 5, 7, 10 and 12 seconds. How many times will they toll together in one hour excluding the one at the start ?


Q.75 (MOCK-8)

Two cars X & Y start from two places A & B which are 700 km apart at 9:00 am. Both the cars runs at an average speed of 60 km/hr. Car X stops at 10:00 am while the other car Y continues to run without stopping. When the two cars cross each other ?


Q.19 (MOCK-6)

In a row of children Rohan is seventh from the left & Bali is fourth from the right. When Rohan & Bali exchange their position, Rohan will be fifteenth from the left. Bali’s position from the right will be ?


Q.66 (MOCK-4)

Priti Scored more than Rahul. Yamuna Scored as much as Divya. Lokita Scored less than manju. Rahul Scored more than Yamuna. Manju Scored less than Divya. Who Scored the lowest ?


Directions for Q.27 to 30 (MOCK-2)

Q. Examine the following information :

Letters A,B,C,D,E,F & G not necessarily in the order, stand for seven consecutive integers from 1 to 10. D is 3 less than A.B is the middle term.F is as much less than B as C is greater than D.G is greater than F


Q.49 (MOCK-4)

Five boys were climbing a hill. J was following H. R was just ahead of G. K was between G& H. They were climbing up in a column. Who was the second?


Q.63 (MOCK-8)

There are 10 animals two each of lions, panthers, bisions,bears & deer in a zoo. Enclosures in zoo are named as X,Y,Z,P & Q & each of the enclosures is allotted to one of the following attendants- Jack,Mohan,Shalini,Suman & Rita. Two animals of different species are housed in each enclosure. A lion & deer cannot be together. Panther can not be with either deer or bison. Suman attends two animals from among bison,bear & lion. Mohan attends to lion & Panther.Jack does not attend to deer,lion or bison. X,Y & Z are allotted to Mohan, Jack & Rita. X & Q enclosures have one animal of same species. Z & P have pair of animals. animals attended by Shalini are
43. Q.149 (MOCK-12)

The length of a rectangle is halved, while its breadth is tripled. What is the percentage change in area ?


Q.147 (MOCK-12)

The percentage increase in the area of a rectangle, if each of its sides is increased by 20% is


Q.23 (MOCK-10)


Q.24 (MOCK-10)

Based on matrix questions


Q.34 (MOCK-10)
Four friends, A, B, C and D distribute some money among themselves in such a manner that A gets one less than B, C gets 5 more than D, D gets 3 more than B. Who gets the smallest amount?